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Private Equity Services

Partner with us to bring a trusted advisor to your due diligence team and seasoned C-level coach for portfolio companies.

Hire Us as Evaluators or Value Creators


BrightWork Advisory is a trusted due diligence advisor that brings unique business, market, and ecosystem value insights from the customer perspective. Typical engagements include: Review of documents, diligence team analysis, product competitive position, pricing and compensation model critique, sales challenges and opportunities analysis

Value Creator

A seasoned executive coach helping executive teams with governance, focus, operating practices, revenue capture and the many other challenges faced by a growing enterprise:

  • Development of ˝Plan for Value˝ after investment leveraging deep understanding of market dynamics; product and operations strengths/weaknesses; prospect viewpoint on value, barriers and risk
  • On-going engagement with executive support to drive execution and value realization
Customized Projects

Available on project basis or as a retainer service

Experienced, Results-driven Partners

Senior Partners

Senior, innovative executives with broad expertise in all aspects of conceiving, building and delivering technology solutions to complex businesses from start-ups to multi-billion dollar operations.

Driven Leaders

Results-focused leaders with problem-solving, strategic planning, team-building and program management skills.

Executive Experience

30+ years executive experience in technology focused on IT performance, capital investment, strategic risk management, cyber security and regulatory compliance, including 20+ years at healthcare providers and 10+ years at leading health insurers.

Success Examples

As Joseph has learned from Wayne Smith, CEO of CHS, a collection of anything is only a “system” if it is disciplined and governed by a structured, well-designed methodology. “Standardize and Centralize” was an operating philosophy Joseph helped develop into a methodology – built on a sound and continuously improving operating model of tools, processes, training and metrics that every acquired entity at CHS was converted to and managed from.