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Healthcare Operators and Leaders

Accelerate your operations while taking operating cost out

Accelerate your operations while taking cost out

Evaluating the
Present and Future

IT systems assessments – current and future investments, “re-implementation” to deliver value and results from existing tools.

Dexterity in

Operational agility through tool/operating practice model analysis, metrics programs development, leveraging of standards, and services consolidation/operations programs

Higher Revenues

Transformative change programs  Merger/Partnership models that build clinical reputations, improve service access, patient experience and financial sustainability

Why Engage with BrightWork

Why to Buy and What to Buy

Our Principal, Joseph Seay, was marketed to by every vendor known to healthcare; he has heard all the pitches on why to buy and what to buy; attended conferences and is an active observer of different market segments: how they think and act; how are buy decisions made, by whom?

Technology Navigator

Joseph learned how to navigate the provider landscape successfully – you can’t sell economy to a nurse, you can’t sell clinical charting rigor to a doctor – you need physicians to practice great medicine – your technology needs to be easy to use, not intrusive and disruptive, if it is going to be used and if it is going to have an impact

Success Examples

˝The CIO, Gary Seay, is a talented executive. He’s been here since 1997, and I’ve managed him. He’s done a great job helping us get through all our growth, all the system changes we’ve got to do and all the high-tech incentives we’ve got to accomplish. And we’ve got a lot of convergence we’ve got to do with all the acquisitions we’ve had.˝