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Healthcare IT Vendors

Helping you move from a ˝tools˝ to a ˝success solutions˝ company

Hire our seasoned executive advisors at BrightWork Advisory to help with:

Company Validation

Validation of your strategic product / market fit

Selling Faster

Validation of and development of growth models to help you sell faster, better while making an impact

Plan Evaluation

Evaluation of strategic risk and actionable plans for management

Assessing and Model Developing

Assessment of operations and development of agile operating models with proven structure and market-tested methodology

Optimizing Systems

Introduction and optimization of your operational discipline through metrics and organization-wide accountability

Results and Success Outcomes You Can Expect from Us

Your Challenger

Executive guidance on successfully addressing client KLAS feedback to improve market position – Challenged KLAS successfully to restructure comparison framework

Your Buyers Perspective

A “buyers” perspective to marketing, sales programs, service delivery, and product expansion opportunities

Key Messaging

Market penetration of key messages and prospect engagement through targeted content series; including webinars and articles

Engagement Advice

Advice on hospital client engagement programs and practices to improve communication and confidence in your company’s management, products, services and direction

Success Examples

Working closely with Larry Cash, CHS’s CFO, Joseph Seay delivered operating expense discipline and scale leverage – key elements of realizing and sustaining shareholder value. Process utilized reliable tools and delivered value for the organization. Credible metrics were key to establishing accountability, discipline and targeting successful interventions when needed.