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Steering Toward Growth

BrightWork Advisory is a healthcare IT advisory firm, providing market analysis, HIT investment due diligence, and coaching services to both early and late stage HIT vendors, IT-enabled healthcare services, and those who invest in them.

Proven Expertise and Agile Innovation

BrightWork Advisory‘s HIT areas of expertise include: strategic product/market fit and growth, outcome-based care delivery, population health management, strategic risk management, integrated HIT systems and cyber security threat mitigation, among others.


We are Your Growth Coach

Value the Challenges

Solid appreciation for the challenges a software tools vendor has with R&D, service operations, staff engagement, marketing, client relationships (both as a developer/software services provider and as a customer/consumer).

Master in the Market

Comprehensive understanding of healthcare operator needs, values, and market segmentation (vertically, by type of decision maker, and horizontally by type of provider).

Broad Experiences

Deep experience with all venues of care delivery: from solo practices to large, complex hospitals and everything in between – long term care, home health, group practices, outpatient surgery, diagnostic centers, free standing EDs, critical access hospitals and more.

Independent, Objective, Candid Feedback

Thorough analysis and alternatives to internal thinking about product functionality, messaging, service delivery and unmet client needs from an executive prospect’s point of view.


Joseph Seay and BrightWork Advisory

Lead by industry veteran Joseph Seay, former CIO of Community Health Systems (CHS) from 1997 to 2015, where he led the use of IT to support growth from 32 to 200 hospitals, while increasing net revenue from under $1 billion to over $18 billion. BrightWork Advisory applies over 30 years of pragmatic, proven expertise and agile innovation to help HIT vendors effectively and efficiently solve some of the toughest problems facing US healthcare today.

Joseph Seay is an innovation executive with broad expertise in all aspects of conceiving, building and delivering technology solutions to complex businesses from start-ups to multi-billion dollar operations.

  • Community Health Systems grew from under $1 billion to over $18 billion in Net Revenue.
  • Provided effective IT services to 200 hospitals, 6,000 physician practices, home health, long term care and other care delivery venues.
  • Maintained highly compliant and control-reliant systems, supporting sound clinical and business operating practice.
  • Built and operated effective cyber threat and enterprise risk management programs.
  • Led 120+ application development staff creating and maintaining strategic product delivery software for Humana
  • As CIO at CIGNA Personal Financial Services, led 100+ application staff responsible for all aspects of business unit operations, offered financial products and services to high net worth independent business professionals.
  • As CIGNA’s Healthcare VP – Applications, led operations reengineering teams to streamline insurance product design, sales, underwriting and initiation operations. Consolidated overlapping sales and underwriting software tools and business operations resulting from acquisition of a major competitor in less than one year.  Led development of Managed Care software solutions for 40+ internal markets, creating a nationwide product capability.


BrightWork Advisory HIT Areas of Expertise